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NSQF Level : Level 5 Notional Hours : 4160 Sector : Capital Goods & Manufacturing

The person shouldsize metal parts to close tolerances, fits & assembles them using hand tools for production or repairs of machines.Should be able to cut & shape required parts to dimensions & specifications by processes of sawing, chipping, filing, grinding etc.,Measures object while working using foot rules, calipers, micrometer, gauges etc. & checks for correct filing with square.Clamps object securely in correct position in vice & files it to required dimensions as per the punch marks & guide lines. Performs repairing &maintenance work of simple machines, dismantles & replaces different components to construct circuit of Pneumatics and Hydraulics.Dismantles or removes worn out, broken or defective parts using hand tools or power tools and replaces them by repaired or new ones.  

Code : CSC/ Q 0205 NSQF Level : Level 4 Notional Hours : 700 Sector : Capital Goods & Manufacturing

Perform semi automatic flux cored arc welding process for a range of standard welding job requirements and weld different materials from a selection of (carbon steel and stainless steel) in various positions. The welder can prepare various joints including corner, butt, fillet and tee.

Code : CSC/ Q1101 NSQF Level : Level 3 Notional Hours : 400 Sector : Capital Goods & Manufacturing

It involves preparing the material using appropriate method- setting up forging machines with dies and presses and using forging techniques so that the material forms the shape as per the die. It also involves checking the prepared components for accuracy.

NSQF Level : Level 5 Notional Hours : 3120 Sector : Capital Goods & Manufacturing

The person should be able to forge metal as per required shape and size by using different heating processes. Shouldheat metal and furnace to required degree of temperature,set required die and punch securely in machine. May reheat and handle more than one set of die for completing article. May also be able to work by cold process in case of hammer dies and metal sheets.Should be able to plan and organize assigned work and detect & resolve issues during execution.Perform TPM (Total Production Management), TQM (Total Quality Management) and record keeping system.  

NSQF Level : Level 4 Notional Hours : 2080 Sector : Capital Goods & Manufacturing
Code : CSC/ Q 0302 NSQF Level : Level 2 Notional Hours : 350 Sector : Capital Goods & Manufacturing

It involves selecting appropriate grinding equipment- tools and methods to suit work requirements- preparing the tools- applying grinding procedures for carrying out the grinding operations- inspecting the components after grinding operations and correcting faults.

Code : MAN706 NSQF Level : Level 3 Notional Hours : 600 Sector : Capital Goods & Manufacturing

Grinder General grinds and smoothens metal surfaces to specified accuracy using one or more type of grinding machine. Examines drawings and other specifications of part to be ground. Selects grinding wheel of appropriate size, shape and abrasive quality and fastens it on spindle of machine. Mounts metal part accurately in position on machine using chucks, jigs, fixtures or between centres of head and tail stock of machine as required and sets it accurately either parallel or at angle in relation to grinding wheel as specified using appropriate devices and instruments necessary. Adjusts machine table, guides, stops and other controls to determine direction and limit of metal and grinding wheel movements. Selects grinding wheel speed and starts machine for grinding. Manipulates hand wheel or sets and starts automatic controls to bring grinding wheel in contact with work. Checks progress of grinding with measuring instruments and gauges for accuracy. May balance dress or change grinding wheel, stone or abrasive. May oil and clean machine.

Code : CSC/ Q1001 NSQF Level : Level 2 Notional Hours : 300 Sector : Capital Goods & Manufacturing

It involves applying pre-heat treatment procedures- carrying out heat treatments such as flame hardening- case hardening- hardening- carburizing- tempering- annealing and normalizing- as applicable. It also involves inspecting the components and correcting faults.

NSQF Level : Level 5 Notional Hours : 4120 Sector : Capital Goods & Manufacturing

Injection Moulding Machine Operator sets up and operates injection-moulding machines to cast products from thermoplastic materials. Installs dies on machine, according to work order specifications. Removes finished product from dies, using hand tools and trims excess material from part. May mix thermoplastic materials and colouring pigments in mixing machine. May grind scrap plastic into powders for re-use.

Code : CSC/ Q0602 NSQF Level : Level 4 Notional Hours : 300 Sector : Capital Goods & Manufacturing

It involves identifying and using relevant methods and skills to complete the testing and address problems. It involves initiating and completing testing and procedures using a range of different metal testing methods and equipments used within the workplace.

Code : CSC/ Q0603 NSQF Level : Level 4 Notional Hours : 300 Sector : Capital Goods & Manufacturing

It involves preparing the products for testing, identifying the test area, checking that the radiographic test equipment complies with the specification requirements, is safe to use, fit for purpose. It also involves adjusting the radiographic equipment, choice of suitable technique for the product, carrying out the exposure, ensuring safe containment of the radiography source, process the exposed films in the prepared facility, checking the image quality before storing the film ready for interpretation. Compliance of regulations of the statutory authority; Atomic Energy Regulatory Board, Mumbai

NSQF Level : Level 5 Notional Hours : 4160 Sector : Capital Goods & Manufacturing
NSQF Level : Level 4 Notional Hours : 3865 Sector : Capital Goods & Manufacturing

Grinder, grinds machine tools and cutter to correct specifications by special grinding machines and wheel. Studies drawings and other specifications to understand nature of grinding operation required. Fastens appropriate abrasive wheel to spindle of machine. Mounts cutting tool to be ground on machine using dividing head, jig or fixture as required. Manipulates swivel tables, wheel head and work holding device, guide finger, etc. as necessary to set machine to appropriate angle for grinding desired level on cutting edges of tool selects and sets speed and feed to machine according to nature of work and wheel used. Starts machine, brings rotating grinding wheel in contact with edge of tool and grinds proper angles, clearance, flutes etc. as required on  tool or cutter set, frequently checking it with gauge or measuring instrument while grinding to ensure accuracy. Rotates work through proper angle by dividing head or otherwise to set next flute or teeth of tool or cutter for grinding and continues operation. Uses cutting fluid or coolant as found necessary and ensures that no part of work gets burnt or damaged while grinding. Stops machine and removes tool when grinding is completed. Changes grinding wheel and position of tool as and when required. May give final finish to cutting edge by hand using hones. May oil and clean machine. May specialize in grinding a particular type of tool and be designated accordingly. May check ground tool or cutter by shadow projector to ensure accurate finish. Grinder Operator makes metal articles to required specifications using lathe and cutting tools. Studies drawings and other specifications of parts to be made. Selects metal, holds it in chuck, jig or fixture on lathe as required, centres it by manipulating chuck jaws or otherwise using dial indicator or marking block and securely tightens it in position. Selects correct cutting tool, grinds it if necessary and holds it tight in tool post at correct height. Sets feed and speed and starts machine. Manipulates hand wheels or starts automatic controls to guide cutting tool into or along metal. Controls flow of coolant (cutting lubricant) on edge of tool. Arranges gears in machine to obtain required pitch for screw cutting. Calculates tapers and sets machine for taper turning, controls lathe during operation by means of hand wheels and levers and frequently checks progress of cutting with measuring instruments such as calipers and rule, micrometers, etc. Stops machine, removes completed part and checks it further with instruments to ensure accuracy.

Code : CSC/ Q0901 NSQF Level : Level 4 Notional Hours : 400 Sector : Capital Goods & Manufacturing

This will involve dismantling- removing and replacing faulty equipment at component or unit level on a variety of different types of mechanical assemblies and sub-assemblies and diagnosing- locating faults- overhauling- fitting and adjusting mechanical systems and equipment.

Code : CEQ101 NSQF Level : Level 3 Notional Hours : 500 Sector : Capital Goods & Manufacturing

Mechanic, Mining Machinery repairs services and overhauls drilling, scraping, cutting, winding, hoisting and other mining machinery for correct performance. Get, defective machine or equipment removed from surface or underground working place to repair section, using slippers, roller, hoists etc. as necessary. Examines faulty equipment to ascertain nature and location of defects. Dismantles equipment partly or completely to remove damaged and worn out parts. Repairs parts by various mechanical processes such as remetalling filing, chipping, scrapping, grinding etc. or obtains replacements. Assembles parts, doing supplementary tooling as necessary and ensures correct fit, movement clearance, adjustments, functional operations etc. as specified. Tests reassembled equipment making necessary adjustments for optimum performance. Checks, adjusts and lubricates equipment periodically or gets it done and performs other tasks to keep equipment in good working order. May undertake minor repairs at working place. May weld, braze or solder parts.

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