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Metal Cutting Attendant (V.I) (CTS)

  • Job DescriptionThe Metal-cutting Attendant (for V.I.) operates various types of power driven metal cutting machines by measuring the sample, with measuring instruments, note its different dimensions with assistance. He undertakes all repetitive work on lathe, Capstan lathe, drill and other machines and puts them to good use.
  • Originally Approved
  • Last Revised
  • Code2018/CCM/DGT/02706
  • SectorCapital Goods & Manufacturing
  • NSQF LevelLevel 3
  • Notional Hours4160
  • Accrediting BodiesDirectorate General of Training (DGT)
  • Certifying BodiesDirectorate General of Training (DGT)
  • Proposed Occupation

    On successful completion of this course the candidates shall be gainfully employed as:

    • Mechanist, General/Machinist in Metal Cutting Industries.
    • Also a supporting staff in Metal Cutting operation or any other related areas.
    • Self Employment
  • International Comparability

    1.  Existence of any official document suggesting the comparability of the qualification with the qualifications in other countries is not known.

    2.  However, ITI passed out trainees are getting employment in many Gulf countries, European countries, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore etc.

  • Progression Pathway
    • Self Employment
    • Work in the industry as a supporting staff in Metal Cutting operation or any other related areas.
  • Planned arrangements for RPL

    1.   At present the students who have passed 10th class with minimum 3 years’ experience in relevant field can appear for NCVT theory and practical semester examination directly.

    2.  The students who have passed SCVT examination in ‘Metal Cutting Attendant’ can also appear for the NCVT Examination in the relevant semester and Trade directly.

  • Qualification File QF_Metal Cutting Attendant (VI)_CTS_NSQF-3.pdf
  • Supporting Documents
  • Formal structure of the qualification
    Title of unit or other component Estimated size (Hours) Level
    1. Recognize & comply with safe working practices and housekeeping. 40 3
    2. Perform basic task involving motor skill and develop dexterity to build confidence in doing day to day activity 400 3
    3. Make simple components by different basic fitting and develop proper real time testing through motor skills programme. [Basic fitting operations: Fitting, Hack sawing, Dieing, Tapping etc.] 280 3
    4. Produce components by different operations and check accuracy using specific gauges and measuring instruments. [Different operations: drilling, reaming, tapping, etc. in bench, pillar and radial drill machine; specific gauges and instruments; go/ no-go 80 3
    5. Produce components of sheet metal and riveting joints using stakes, mallet, and pop-rivet gun. 80 3
    6. Make simple components by different operations and setting different shaped jobs, with assistance. [Different chucks, with different shaped jobs: round, square, hexagonal.] 120 3
    7. Set different cutting tools, with assistance, to produce jobs by performing different turning operations. [Different cutting tool – V-tool, side cutting tool (R.H. and L.H.) with accuracy ±1/64” through calipers. Different turning operations : Plain, f 320 3
    8. Make dissimilar material fit as per required tolerance ±.0625” or ±1/64” by drilling and boring in lathe (Plain and Stepped) [Dissimilar materials: H.S.S. in Brass, Aluminium in cast iron etc.] 280 3
    9. Set cylindrical/hexagonal job on lathe and make simple components performing different taper turning operations. (Different turning operations parallel and taper turning (external only) by form tool, swivelling compound rest 120 3
    10. Set non-ferrous metal components for dieing & taping over male and female threaded components, by using die & tap. (Different external and internal thread. (BSF) 280 3
    11. Prepare job by turning long shaft using steadies and setting different machining parameters and cutting tools, with assistance 120 3
    12. Prepare job by performing operations in Capstan Lat+80he using three jaw chuck and collect chuck with assistance 120 3
    13. Cut out components of various shape and size in Power Saw Machine, by setting different parameters 240 3
    14. Set the different machining parameters to prepare job by performing shearing operations with assistance 80 3
    15. External - Set the different machining parameters to produce plain surface, square and Vee-Slot, internal - Key way as well as square shape on round head using shaper with assistance. 440 3
    16. Set the different components of machine and parameters to prepare job by performing different milling operation with assistance. [Different machining parameters – feed, speed and depth of cut, Different milling operations : plain, face, step milling] 400 3
    Revision, Project work and Examination 760 3
    Total 4160
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