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Technician Mechatronics (CTS)

  • Originally Approved
  • Last Revised
  • CodeDGT/2001
  • SectorElectronics & HW
  • NSQF LevelLevel 5
  • Notional Hours4160
  • Accrediting BodiesDirectorate General of Training (DGT)
  • Certifying BodiesDirectorate General of Training (DGT)
  • Proposed Occupation

    On successful completion of this course, the candidates shall be gainfully employed as General Fitter, Mechanical Maintenance Fitter, Automation Specialist, Electrical and Electronic Assembly Fitter, General Electrician and Electronics Mechanic - in the Production & Manufacturing industries
      • Technician Mechatronics have a wide scope of Employability ranging from self-employment,
           contractual employment to Industrial jobs.

  • International Comparability

    1. Existence of any official document suggesting the comparability of the qualification with the qualifications in other countries is not known.
    2. However, ITI passed out trainees are getting employment in many Gulf countries, European countries, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore etc.

  • Progression Pathway

    • Can take admission in diploma course in notified branches of Engineering by lateral entry
    • Can join as skilled worker in the industry and can become supervisor after doing part-time diploma in relevant branch of Engineering
    • Can join Apprenticeship programme in different types of industries leading to National Apprenticeship certificate (NAC) after which they will be employed in industry as skilled worker and can become supervisor after doing part-time diploma in relevant branch of Engineering

  • Planned arrangements for RPL

    1. At present the students who have passed 10th class with minimum 3 years’ experience in relevant field can appear for NCVT theory and practical semester examination directly.
    2. The students who have passed SCVT examination in ‘Tool & Die Maker (Dies& Moulds)’ trade can also appear for the NCVT Examination in the relevant semester and Trade directly.

  • Qualification File QF - Technician_Mechatronics.pdf
  • Supporting Documents
  • Formal structure of the qualification
    Title of unit or other component Mandatory/ Optional Estimated size (Hours) Level
    Semester – I
    i) Plan and organize the work to make job as per specification applying different types of basic fitting operation and Check for dimensional accuracy Mandatory 320 5
    ii) Make different fit of components for assembling as per required tolerance observing principle of interchangeability and check for functionality. Mandatory 200 5
    iii) Produce components involving different operations on Lathe, Milling and Grinding machines observing standard procedure and check for accuracy. Mandatory 40 4
    iv) Carryout different computer operation and trouble shoot. [Different computer operations: setting of computer & MS Office operation] Mandatory 200 4
    v) Perform joining of metals by welding and brazing observing standard procedure. Mandatory 40 4
    Semester – II
    vi) Construct different electrical sub-systems and measure parameters. Mandatory 240 5
    vii) Construct different electronics sub system and test electronic devices and sub system. Mandatory 240 5
    viii) Estimate and perform panel wiring using cables, connectors, Protective devices and test functionality. Mandatory 180 5
    ix) Construct and verified different Digital Logic Circuits. Mandatory 40 4
    x) Install different software in computer system and test. Write an assembly level programme and interface peripherals to 8051 Microcontroller to check functioning. Mandatory 160 5
    xi) Trouble shoot and repair different Electrical, Electronic systems/ devices. Mandatory 80 5
    xii) Demonstrate function of different sensors. Mandatory 180 5
    Semester – III
    xiii) Set (both job and tool) CNC turn centre and milling machine to produce simple components as per drawing. Mandatory 160 5
    xiv) Construct simple pneumatic control system to measure various parameters using transducer, sensor and switches. Mandatory 180 5
    xv) Check various components of pneumatics system and construct pneumatic circuit to check functionality. Mandatory 180 5
    xvi) Construct an electropneumatic circuit and check functionality of a process. Mandatory 80 4
    xvii) Install an electro-pneumatic system and trouble shoot faults. Mandatory 200 4
    xviii) Construct simple hydraulic circuit and check functionality. Mandatory 160 5
    xix) Demonstrate installation of accessories in hydraulic system and trouble shoot defects. Mandatory 80 5
    xx) Construct hydraulic circuit; verify various processes to assess functioning of valves and auxiliaries Mandatory 80 5
    xxi) Install hydraulic pump, motors and carryout maintenance of these components. Mandatory 440 4
    xxii) Construct different hydraulic system and operate to achieve desired functions. Mandatory 10 4
    xxiii) Programme PLC and interface with other devices to check its Applications.` Mandatory 170 5
    Semester – IV
    xxiv) Explain robot anatomy and perform programming robot using teach box, software. Mandatory 155 5
    xxv) Simulate the electrical circuits on simulation software and detect fault as per diagnostic procedure for Electrical system design. Mandatory 20 4
    xxvi) Simulate the electronic circuits on simulation software and detect fault as per diagnostic procedure for Electronics system design. Mandatory 25 4
    xxvii) Simulate the Hydraulic and Pneumatic circuit on simulation software and detect fault as per diagnostic procedure for Hydraulics and Pneumatics system design. Mandatory 15 4
    xxviii) Perform project work on Mechatronics Mandatory 55 5
    Generic Learning Outcomes
    xxix) Recognize & comply safe working practices, environment regulation and housekeeping. Mandatory 35 5
    xxx) Understand and explain different mathematical calculation & science in the field of study including basic electrical. Mandatory
    xxxi) Interpret specifications, different engineering drawing and apply for different application in the field of work. Mandatory
    xxxii) Select and ascertain measuring instrument and measure dimension of components and record data. Mandatory
    xxxiii) Explain the concept in productivity, quality tools, and labour welfare legislation and apply such in day to day work to improve productivity & quality. Mandatory
    xxxiv) Explain energy conservation, global warming and pollution and contribute in day to day work by optimally using available resources. Mandatory
    xxxv) Explain personnel finance, entrepreneurship and manage/organize related task in day to day work for personal & societal growth. Mandatory
    xxxvi) Plan and organize the work related to the occupation. Mandatory
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