Tool and Die Maker ( Press Tools, Jigs and Fixtures) (CTS)

  • Originally Approved
  • Last Revised
  • Code2015/CCM /DGT/1052
  • SectorCapital Goods & Manufacturing
  • NSQF LevelLevel 5
  • Notional Hours4160
  • Accrediting BodiesDirectorate General of Training (DGT)
  • Certifying BodiesDirectorate General of Training (DGT)
  • Proposed Occupation

    On successful completion of this course, the candidates shall be gainfully employed as:
    • Tool maker and repairer of prototypes or special tools, Press Tools maker, Press Tools setter, Jigs & Fixtures maker, various types of mechanical devices maker, fabricator of various parts, fitter in industries of Production & Manufacturing, Automobile Manufacturing and Assembling sector, Industries engaged in Automation Processes.
    • Tool & Die Maker (Press Tools, Jigs & Fixtures) have a wide scope of Employability ranging from self-employment to Industrial jobs.

  • International Comparability

    1. Comparison Made with German Syllabus and the proposed syllabus is in line with the existing German Syllabus (Around 95% contents are matching).
    2. However, ITI passed out trainees are getting employment in many Gulf countries and abroad.

  • Progression Pathway

    • Can appear in 10+2 examination through National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) for acquiring higher secondary certificate and can go further for General/ Technical education
    • Can join Apprenticeship programme in different types of industries leading to National Apprenticeship certificate (NAC)
    • Can join Crafts Instructor Training Scheme (CITS) in the relevant trade after which they will be employed in ITI/ Vocational Training Institute as instructor
    • Can take admission in diploma course in notified branches of Engineering by lateral entry
    • Can become supervisor after doing diploma in relevant branch of Engineering

  • Planned arrangements for RPL

    1. At present the students who have passed 10th class with minimum 3 years’ experience in relevant field can appear for NCVT theory and practical semester examination directly.
    2. The students who have passed SCVT examination in ‘Tool & Die Maker (Press Tools, Jigs & Fixtures)’ trade can also appear for the NCVT Examination in the relevant semester and Trade directly.

  • Qualification File QF_TDM_(PJF).pdf
  • Supporting Documents
  • Formal structure of the qualification
    Title of unit or other component Mandatory/ Optional Estimated size (Hours) Level
    Semester – I
    (i) Plan and organize the work to make job as per specification applying different types of basic fitting operation and Check for dimensional accuracy. [Basic fitting operation – Filing, Marking, Hack sawing, Drilling, Taping, chipping and Grinding etc. A Mandatory 320 5
    (ii) Make different fit of components for assembling as per required tolerance observing principle of interchange ability and check for functionality. [Different Fit–Open, Angular, & Square Fit; Required tolerance: ±0.05 mm, angular tolerance: 1 degree.] Mandatory 200 5
    (iii) Set different shaped jobs on different chuck and demonstrate conventional lathe machine operation observing standard operation practice. [Different chucks:3 jaws & 4 jaws, different shaped jobs: round, square, hexagonal] Mandatory 40 4
    (iv) Prepare different cutting tool to produce jobs to appropriate accuracy by performing different turning operations. [Different cutting tool – V tool, side cutting, parting, thread cutting (both LH & RH),appropriate accuracy: ±0.06mm, Different turning Mandatory 200 4
    (v) Set the different machining parameters to produce threaded components applying method/ technique and test for proper assembly of the components with an accuracy of ± 0.05 mm. [Different threads viz., metric/ BSW/ Square] Mandatory 40 4
    Semester – II
    (vi) Set the different machining parameters and cutters to prepare job by performing different milling operation and indexing. [Different machining parameters – feed, speed and depth of cut. Different milling operations – plain, stepped, angular, dovetail Mandatory 240 5
    (vii) Produce components of high accuracy by surface grinding operation. [Accuracy of +/- 0.02 mm] Mandatory 240 5
    (viii) Produce components of high accuracy by cylindrical grinding operations. [Accuracy of +/- 0.02mm.] Mandatory 180 5
    (ix) Sharpen different cutter or multipoint cutting tool. [Different cutters – end mill cutter, side & face milling cutter, single angle cutter, Reamer] Mandatory 40 4
    (x) Develop isometric drawing and solid modelling of mould using CAD & Pro-E. Mandatory 160 5
    xi) Set the welding plant with appropriate parameters & perform different welding operations. [Appropriate parameter- electrode size, voltage, current, position, travel speed, torch angle.] Mandatory 80 5
    Semester – III
    (xii) Manufacturing of drill Jig and produce component on drill machine by using Jigs and check for correctness. (Simple template & Plate Jig) Mandatory 120 5
    (xiii) Manufacturing of fixtures (milling, turning and grinding) & test. Mandatory 120 5
    (xiv) Set (both job and tool) CNC turning centre and produce components as per drawing by preparing part programme. Mandatory 240 5
    (xv) Set (both job and tool) CNC machining centre vertical and produce components as per drawing by preparing part programme. Mandatory 80 5
    (xvi) Perform 2D & 3D machining with CAM software. Mandatory 80 4
    (xvii) Produce components using Electric Discharge Machine (EDM) and Wire EDM as per drawing by preparing part programme with accuracy of ± 0.02mm. Mandatory 120 4
    (xviii) Manufacturing of blanking (simple) die set for square/ round/ rectangular/elliptical component and verify the component. Mandatory 80 5
    (xix) Construct a Piercing & Blanking tool & test and verify the component. Mandatory 80 5
    Semester – IV
    (xx) Construct circuit of pneumatics and hydraulics observing standard operating procedure and safety aspect. Mandatory 80 5
    (xxi) Demonstrate function of basic electrical circuit and sensors. Mandatory 120 5
    (xxii) Construct a Compound Tool & test and verify the component. Mandatory 240 5
    (xxiii) Construct a Progressive tool & test and verify the component. Mandatory 80 5
    (xxiv) Plan and perform simple repair, overhauling of different machines and check for functionality. [Different Machines – Drilling Machine, milling machine and Lathe] Mandatory 120 5
    (xxv) Manufacture “V” bending tool & test. Mandatory 120 5
    (xxvi) Construct a draw tool (single stage) and test to verify the component. Mandatory 120 5
    Generic Learning Outcomes
    (xxvii) Recognize & comply safe working practices, environment regulation and housekeeping. Mandatory 10 4
    (xxviii) Understand and explain different mathematical calculation & science in the field of study including basic electrical. [Different mathematical calculation & science -Work, Power & Energy, Algebra, Geometry & Mensuration, Trigonometry, Heat & Tempe Mandatory 170 4
    (xxix) Interpret specifications, different engineering drawing and apply for different application in the field of work. [Different engineering drawing-Geometrical construction, Dimensioning, Layout, Method of representation, Symbol, scales, Different Pro Mandatory 255 5
    (xxx) Select and ascertain measuring instrument and measure dimension of components and record data. Mandatory 20 5
    (xxxi) Explain the concept in productivity, quality tools, and labour welfare legislation and apply such in day to day work to improve productivity & quality. Mandatory 25 4
    (xxxii) Explain energy conservation, global warming and pollution and contribute in day to day work by optimally using available resources. Mandatory 15 4
    (xxxiii) Explain personnel finance, entrepreneurship and manage/organize related task in day to day work for personal & societal growth. Mandatory 55 4
    (xxxiv) Plan and organize the work related to the occupation Mandatory 35 5
    (xxxv) Interpret specifications, different Dies & Moulds design drawing and apply for different application in the field of work. [Different Tool Design Drawing-Hand injection moulds, Mould base, two cavity injection mould in different constructional feat Mandatory 25 5
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