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B level Course

  • Originally Approved
  • Last Revised
  • Code2016/ITES/NIELIT/01680
  • SectorIT-ITeS
  • NSQF LevelLevel 7
  • Notional Hours4150
  • Accrediting BodiesNational Institute of Electronicsand Information Technology 6-CGO Complex, Electronics Niketan Lodhi Road, New Delhi. 110003. Presently, Accreditation No:
  • Certifying BodiesNational Institute of Electronicsand Information Technology 6-CGO Complex, Electronics Niketan Lodhi Road, New Delhi. 110003.
  • Proposed Occupation

    System Analyst, Software Engineer, Training faculty/trainer, R & D Scientist, EDP Manager Web Administrators,Trainer, Web Content Developers, programmer.

  • Progression Pathway

    Ø  After completion of this course, students eligible to become a faculty in Computer Science & Engineering/IT Department of Engineering college & universities.

    Ø  The student may also be allowed to pursue research in any University/IIT/NIT


    Initially  candidate  can work as Programmer   >  System analyst

    >EDP Manager

  • Planned arrangements for RPL

    It will be incorporated once RPL strategy is finalized

  • Qualification File B level_File.pdf
  • Supporting Documents
  • Formal structure of the qualification
    Title of unit or other component Mandatory/ Optional Estimated size (Hours) Level
    B0-R4Basic Mathematics: Will be able to solve problems of Differential calculus, Integral Calculus etc in the Basic Mathematics bridge course 120 7
    B1.1-R4 IT Tools and Business System: Will be able to work in different operating system and use and work in different packages e.g. word processing, spread sheet and Mandatory 120 7
    B1.2-R4 IT Tools and Business System: Use of latest Technology & developments in the field of Internet and web designing Mandatory 120 7
    B1.3-R4Programming and Problem Solving Through ‘C’ Language: Programming and Problem Solving Through “C” Language. Mandatory 120 7
    B1.4-R4 Computer System Architecture: Design and construction of Digital circuits & interfacing chips with MP and Programming in assembly language Mandatory 120 7
    B1.5-R4Structured System Analysis and Design: Learn Analysis, Develop & testing of Information Management system Mandatory 120 7
    B2.1-R4 Data Structures through ‘C++’ : Use of Pointer & Implementation of Data structures & in C++ Mandatory 120 7
    B2.2-R4Introduction to Database Management System: Develop, upgrade & maintain Database Systems Mandatory 120 7
    B2.3-R4: BASICS OF OS, UNIX AND SHELL PROGRAMMING : Network Configuration, Shell programming & Security management in UNIX. Mandatory 120 7
    B2.4-R4Data Communication and Network Technologies: Establish Networking using suitable transmission media & components. Mandatory 120 7
    B2.5.1-R4 Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming through Java: Real world Problem solving / Programming using object oriented approach. Mandatory 120 7
    B2.5.2-R4Software Testing and Quality Management: Develop, Debug & testing of software Mandatory 120 7
    PJ-1-R4: Project I 350 7
    B3.1-R4 Management Fundamentals & Information Systems: Use of Information Technology in the Organization Mandatory 120 7
    B3.2 – R4Discrete Structures: Develop Digital Systems, Computer algorithm etc. Mandatory 120 7
    B3.3-R4Software Engineering and CASE Tools: Use of CASE Tools, design & develop software. Mandatory 120 7
    B3.4-R4Operating Systems: work in different operating systems environment like UNIX/ Linux/ Windows 2000/ XP/ NT/ Vista. Mandatory 120 7
    B3.5-R4 Visual Programming: Programming in visual Basic. Mandatory 120 7
    B4.1 – R4Computer based Statistical &Numerical Methods: Will be able to perform Numerical calculation, Differentiation & integration. Mandatory 120 7
    B4.2-R4Professional & Business Communication: Will be able to Communicate with colleagues, clients clearly and can prepare business letters etc. Mandatory 120 7
    B4.3-R4 Object Oriented Database Management Systems: Design & Develop Object Oriented Database Management Systems. Mandatory 120 7
    B4.4 – R4Computer Graphics &Multimedia: Algorithm to draw various graphics primitives, 2D-3D transformation, Multimedia systems & various I/O technologies Mandatory 120 7
    B 4.5-R4Internet Technology and Web Services: Working of Internet & development of web applications. Mandatory 120 7
    B5.1-R4Software Project Management: Management of Software Projects Mandatory 120 7
    B5.2-R4Automata Theory &Compiler Design: Representation of knowledge in the AI Programming. Mandatory 120 7
    B5.3-R4Network Management &Information Security: Will be able to maintain & establish Networking & ensure Information Security. Mandatory 120 7
    BE1-R4 Embedded Systems: Programming & develop Embedded systems for specific applications. Mandatory 120 7
    BE2 – R4 Artificial Intelligence &Neural Networks: Will learn about Artificial Intelligence and Neural Networks Mandatory 120 7
    BE3 – R4 E-Business : Use of IT to create innovative business models among Corporate & consumers Mandatory 120 7
    BE4-R4System Modeling & Computer Simulation Develop Computer Simulation for various systems & System Modelling. Mandatory 120 7
    BE5-R4Parallel Computing: Develop high speed computation using parallel computing. Optional 120 7
    BE6-R4Data Warehouse and Data Mining: Use/applications of Data warehousing & Data Mining. Optional 120 7
    BE7-R4Software Testing and Quality Management: ** Software Testing And Management of Quality. Optional 120 7
    BE8 – R4 Digital Image Processing: Digital Image using various techniques. Optional 120 7
    BE9-R4 Accounting& Financial Management System: Will be able to maintain Accounts in computer & manage Financial Transactions. Optional 120 7
    BE10-R4Applied Operations Research: Develop OR models, Linear Programming & Network Analysis Optional 120 7
    BE11-R4Wireless & Mobile Communication: Establish/maintain Wireless network. Optional 120 7
    BE12 – R4Information Storage &Management: Storage of Information & its Management Optional 120 7
    PJ-2-R4: Mini project / Seminar Optional 350 7
    PJ-3-R4: PROJECT-III Optional 450 -
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