QF_ATS_Mason (Building Constructor).pdf

Mason (Building Constructor) (ATS)

  • Job Description Lays bricks with mortar, and other construction material to construct, repair, alter or maintain building-walls, arches, floors, pillars and other structures as per requirement. Directs Labourers to prepare building materials in required proportions. Ensure correct alignment of brick setting and finishing of the construction.
  • SectorConstruction
  • NSQF LevelLevel 5
  • Notional Hours4120
  • Accrediting BodiesDirectorate General of Training (DGT)
  • Certifying BodiesDirectorate General of Training (DGT)
  • Proposed Occupation

    Mason (Building Constructor) has a wide scope of Employability ranging from self-employment, contractual employment to Industrial jobs. Few industries are;

    • Bricklayer, Construction
  • International Comparability

    1.  Existence of any official document suggesting the comparability of the qualification with the qualifications in other countries is not known.

    2.  However, NAC holder trainees are getting employment in many Gulf countries, European countries, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore etc.

  • Planned arrangements for RPL
    1. Only those candidates will be allowed to appear in the Test conducted by NCVT as Private candidate who have already acquired the National Trade Certificate.
    2. Three (03) years experience of the candidates wishing to appear as Private candidate after obtaining NTC should be in the same trade in which he proposed to acquire the National Apprenticeship Certificate.
    3. Private candidates possessing the minimum educational qualification required for engagement as an apprentice in that particular trade and the minimum experience as stated above would only be permitted.
    4. Candidates are to be sponsored by an establishment and should not be entertained directly.
    5. Only, the experience acquired by the candidate in an establishment implementing the Apprentices Act, 1961 should be considered and such certificate should be issued by the Officer In-charge of Training of that establishment.
  • Qualification File QF_ATS_Mason (Building Constructor).pdf
  • Supporting Documents
  • Formal structure of the qualification
    Title of unit or other component Estimated size (Hours) Level
    Construct straight wall with one end stepped and the other racked back 50 4
    Build quoin wall with one end stepped and the other racked back and use plumb rule 50 4
    Construct brick wall junctions in English & Flemish bonds. Carry out racking out the joints with flush finish 120 5
    Carry out pointing work of various types. Construct thick brick walls in English & Flemish garden wall bonds 150 5
    Build Forming door opening in a wall of English bond. Bonding of jambs & reveals 100 5
    Carry out forming window opening in a wall in English bond. Construct sill with over sailing courses. Use of gauge rod. Fix door & window frames 100 5
    Build spanning of opening with a semicircular arch, making centering, cutting of templates for voussoirs & preparing voussoirs, setting uprights of arch. Construct arch & removing centering 120 5
    Build pre-casting a lintel-compacting, curing & setting the same in position. Check for equal bearing 120 5
    Carry out spanning of opening by casting a lintel in site. Construct shuttering & supports with uprights and wedges. Make bending bars & placing reinforcement. Mix, place & compact the concrete 100 5
    Construct detached pillars with footings-square & rectangular types 100 5
    Construct cavity walls, setting out both leaves with provision of wall ties and by use of cavity rods 150 5
    Setting out a building: Obtaining first, second, third & fourth lines, marking diagonals, setting out cross walls & offsets. Marking excavation lines & fixing of plinth & floor levels 100 5
    Carry out plastering of walls and setting of spots by applying mortar and use of screeds & floats 100 5
    Fix screeds to soffits of door & window opening by reversing the screeds & squaring 50 4
    Carry out plastering of ceiling and application of mortar, strengthening and finishing 50 5
    Carry out flooring by formation of slope, application of slurry for finishing, setting out of skirting, formation of spots for skirting, use of screeds, formation of curve at the junction of skirting & floor 100 5
    Total (Block-I) 1560 5
    Set up a drainage line including position of manhole & gully trap 50 5
    Lay drainage to required gradients with the help of dumpy level and/or boning rod and laying its surface with bricks 50 5
    Carry out laying of concrete foundation for drainage pipes and jointing. Check for alignment. Cut the pipe to the required length. Cover drain pipe with concrete as per specification 100 5
    Perform laying out foundation concrete and construction of manhole with specified method of providing footrests, forming of drain and benching 110 5
    Fix brackets for washbasin and flushing cistern 100 5
    Fix WC pan, kitchen & bathroom traps , sinks, etc. and fix vent pipe to walls 50 5
    Carry out stonework, by specified method of cutting stone in required size from a block. Practice selection of face & bed 50 5
    Construct brick/stone wall 50 5
    Carry out masonry work for brick/stone work 50 5
    Perform flooring and roof finishing 100 5
    Cut sheet metal profile for architectural moulding by applying the sheet metal mould in forming the mould in stone 50 5
    Construct a rubble masonry wall 50 5
    Carry out marble work by specified method of cutting and setting on stair, floor, wall & pillar 50 5
    Construct compound wall with attached piers and coping 100 5
    Construct circular brick wall 100 5
    Construct circular gate pillars with brick/stone/tile/concrete 50 5
    Construct hollow block walls 50 5
    Construct roof with prefabricated hollow blocks of beams and slabs 100 5
    Carry out external/internal finishing. Practice fixing cement concrete jelly 100 5
    Carry out flooring of mosaic, terrazzo, and tile, by laying out a stair on the ground 100 5
    Lay glazed tiles, fix the thread, fill between ends, carry out plumbing, setting out a jamb, bonding, marking & cutting tiles 100 5
    150 5
    Total (Block-II) 1560 5
    Basic Training, internal assessment and Examination 1000 5
    Total 4120
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