QF_ATS_Draughtsman Civil.pdf

Draughtsman Civil (ATS)

  • Last Revised
  • Code2015/CCM/GCSC/0619
  • SectorCapital Goods & Manufacturing
  • NSQF LevelLevel 5
  • Notional Hours4160
  • Accrediting BodiesDirectorate General of Training (DGT)
  • Certifying BodiesDirectorate General of Training (DGT)
  • Proposed Occupation

    Draughtsman Civil has a wide scope of Employability ranging from self-employment, contractual employment to Industrial jobs. On successful completion of this course, the candidates shall be gainfully employed in the industries for following occupations:
     Draughtsman Civil
     Draughtsman Structural

  • International Comparability

    1. Existence of any official document suggesting the comparability of then qualification with the qualifications in other countries is not known.
    2. However, NAC holder trainees are getting employment in many Gulf countries, European countries, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore etc.

  • Planned arrangements for RPL

    1. Only those candidates will be allowed to appear in the Test conducted by NCVT as Private candidate who have already acquired the National Trade Certificate.
    2. Three (03) years experience of the candidates wishing to appear as Private candidate after obtaining NTC should be in the same trade in which he proposed to acquire the National Apprenticeship Certificate.

    3. Private candidates possessing the minimum educational qualification required for engagement as an apprentice in that particular trade and the minimum experience as stated above would only be permitted.
    4. Candidates are to be sponsored by an establishment and should not be entertained directly.
    5. Only, the experience acquired by the candidate in an establishment implementing the Apprentices Act, 1961 should be considered and such certificate should be issued by the Officer In-charge of Training of that establishment.

  • Qualification File QF_ATS_Draughtsman Civil.pdf
  • Supporting Documents
  • Formal structure of the qualification
    Title of unit or other component Estimated size (Hours) Level
    1. Prepare drawing of CARPENTRY JOINTS: Lengthening, bearing housing, framing, panelling & moulding. 100 5
    2. Prepare drawing different types of Doors & Windows and ventilators. 100 5
    3. Prepare drawing different types of ground & upper floors, Various floor finishing &construction sequence 60 5
    4. Prepare drawing different forms of vertical transportation – different types of Stair, Lift & Escalator 100 5
    5. Prepare drawing of different types of roof truss 100 5
    6. Draw a single storied residential building plan including all details with suitable symbols and scales using CAD. 200 5
    7. Draw Two Storied Residential Building Plan (3BHK) including all details Architecture & Structure using AutoCAD. 200 5
    8. Draw Residential, public and commercial building including all details using AutoCAD. 200 5
    9. Draw a Prefabricated Structure using CAD 200 5
    10. Draw an earthquake resisting buildings including all details. 100 5
    11. Draw the cross sectional view of different types of roads showing component parts using CAD. 100 5
    12. Draw the details of different types of culverts including all components using CAD.
    13. Prepare detailed drawing a bridge including all components using CAD. 100 5
    Total (Block-I) 1560 5
    14. Draw the typical cross section of rail sections, railway tracks in cutting and embankment using CAD 50 5
    15. Drawing of different types of Irrigation structures – Dam, Barrages, Weir& Hydro Electric Project 50 5
    16. Prepare detailed estimate and cost analysis of different types of building and other Structures using application software. 160 5
    17. Draw a system of Wiring. 50 5
    18. Draw different type of RCC structure and prepare a BBS of the above. 100 5
    19. Draw the details of a framed structure and portal frame of a residential building usingCAD. 50 5
    20. Draw the different types of steel sections, rivets and bolts using CAD. 100 5
    21. Draw the details of girders, roof trusses and steel stanchions using CAD. 100 5
    22. Prepare the detailed drawing showing the different types of sanitary fittings, arrangements of manholes, details of septic tank, Over Head Tank and Sanitary Plumbing System using CAD 100 5
    23. Prepare of service plan (drainage plan) for isolated building & in sewer system for Two Storied Building. 100 5
    24. Draw the details flow diagram of water treatment plant (WTP) and Swerage Treatment plant (STP). 50 5
    25. Prepare detailed drawing of typical cross sections of Dam, barrages, weir and Cross drainageworks using CAD 100 5
    26. Draw the schematic diagram of different structures of Hydro electric project using CAD 50 5
    27. Prepare rate analysis of different items of work. 50 5
    28. Problems on preparing preliminary/Approximate estimates for building project 100 5
    29. Perform site survey with chain / tape and prepare site plan. 50 5
    30. Perform site survey with prismatic compass and prepare site plan. 50 5
    31. Perform site survey with plane table and prepare site plan. 50 5
    32. Make topography map / contour map with leveling instrument. 50 5
    33. Perform site survey with Theodolite and prepare site plan. 50 5
    34. Prepare a map using Total station. 50 5
    35. Locate the station point using GPS and obtain a set of co-ordinates 50 5
    Total (Block-II) 1560
    Basic Training, internal assessment and Examination 1040
    Total (A+B) 4160
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