Multifunctional Administration Executive Q File (1).pdf

Multifunctional Administration Executive

  • Job DescriptionAn Administration Executive performs administrative and office support activities. The work could involve upkeep and maintenance of office premises; book-keeping and filing; purchases and vendor management for office supplies, stationery and up-keep; ensuring comfort of staff and visitors; receiving and forwarding calls; coordination of incoming and outgoing mail as well as organizing meeting rooms and travel for staff.
  • Originally Approved
  • Last Revised
  • Code2019/ETR/MEPSC/03075
  • SectorOffice Administration & Facility Management
  • NSQF LevelLevel 5
  • Notional Hours250
  • Accrediting BodiesManagement &Entrepreneurship and Professional Skills Council (MEPSC)
  • Certifying BodiesManagement &Entrepreneurship and Professional Skills Council (MEPSC)
  • Proposed Occupation

    Office Support

  • International Comparability

    Comparability not yet established, however we have referred to UK and
    Australian NOS while developing the qualification

  • Progression Pathway

    Admin Manager

  • Planned arrangements for RPL

    RPL arrangements and policies are under development. The guidelines
    should be ready in 2-3 months

  • Qualification File Multifunctional Administration Executive Q File (1).pdf
  • Formal structure of the qualification
    Title of unit or other component Estimated size (Hours) Level
    MEP/N0217 Ensure up-keep of office premises and office facilities 30 5
    MEP/N0218 Manage vendors for procurement of office supplies and services 30 5
    MEP/N0219 Maintain and issue office stationary and supplies 15 5
    MEP/N0220 Maintain office related records and documentation 15 4
    MEP/N0221 Organise for local transport and outstation ticketing for staff in co-ordination with travel vendor 30 5
    MEP/N0222 Organize for readiness of meeting rooms and venues for office meetings and events 25 5
    MEP/N0215 Co-ordinate incoming and outgoing mail 15 3
    MEP/N0216 Use computers to store, retrieve and communicate information 30 3
    MEP/N9903 Apply health and safety practices at the workplace 30 4
    MEP/N9914 Communicate with clients, visitors and colleagues effectively 30 4
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